How will you save yourself from a hostile home invader?

Pepper Gel

Pepper Gel Against Intruders Not After Your Money

Unlike burglars who enter homes they hope are unoccupied, home invaders come when they think you are around. They want blood, not money. A home invasion is often an act of retaliation for what you, directly or as a substitute, had done. Although you must flee at the first sign of an intrusion, this intruder will make sure you stay. For that, you need a means of self-defense. How will you save yourself from a hostile home invader? Pepper spray is a no-brainer, and pepper gel is one of the best kinds to use inside the house.

You are not about to forget how to use a spray can out of panic. Spraying is something you can do without thinking. Pepper spray is idiot-proof, and debilitating for real. It will restrict the attacker’s breathing until he chokes, give him some immense burning pain and inflame his eyes until they shut. Still, pepper spray is non-lethal.

Indoors, the sprayed liquid traveling in the air can cause an overspray problem. It is not so with pepper spray suspended in gel. It will follow your aim without hitting the people around your targeted attacker, as gel is semisolid. Moreover, it is neither flammable nor contaminating. All these make it safe to use inside buildings.

The Mace Night Defender is outfitted with an extra-bright built-in LED that comes on the moment you press the actuator to get ready to spray, which is handy since most crooks come out at night. Outdoors, gel pepper spray causes no blowback. The Mace Maritime with a pistol grip is ideal for boat use precisely because the wind will not divert the sticky gel.

Besides, pepper spray gel is stronger and reaches greater distances than pepper spray in the typical liquid stream. The WildFire 18% pepper gel in 2 and 4 oz. canisters, and 9 oz. cans with a pistol grip, is a hot pepper spray that will work speedily to burn the skin and eyes intensely. The magnum-sized Mace Distance Defense Spray can take a home invader down 25 feet away.

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